‘How to’ resource library

This resource library contains a number of documents relating to the preparation of marketing plans, as well as the practical and conceptual issues surrounding their preparation and role within the organization.  The resources include some downloadable templates and guides.

Highlight the ‘Marketing planning resource library’ tab on the menu bar to access (by clicking) these documents:

  • What is Marketing Planning?
  • The Annual Marketing Planning Process
  • Components of the Marketing Planning Process
  • What should a Marketing Plan contain?
  • What is the Marketing Mix?
  • Writing the Marketing Plan
  • SWOTs as a Productive Tool, not a pointless exercise
  • Understanding the difference between Marketing Objectives and Strategies
  • Tackling Planning Challenges
  • Good Plans require Good Marketing
  • Marketing exists to make Selling redundant
  • 8 Marketing Planning Tips
  • 8 Marketing Planning Errors